Once you have decided to become a Tradelink customer and submitted your Registration Form, it will take three working days to process your registration. We will then contact you and arrange to deliver to you the following items:

  • The Company Profile Information Sheet
  • The Personal ID-Cert(s), issued by Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited to the authorised message signatory you have nominated.
  • User ID and Password used for accessing Tradelink-eBiz.com services

Once you have received the above Customer Kit, you are almost ready to start using Tradelink's service, but first you need to check that your company's name and contact details are shown correctly on your Customer Profile, as this information will be used by us for all communication and billing purposes.

Normally you will receive an electronic statement, showing all fees and charges due, at whatever frequency you specified on registration (in most cases, monthly or fortnightly). Tradelink will collect this amount automatically from your account two working days later by Autopay. However, since it normally takes around four weeks to complete the Autopay arrangements with your bank, it is likely that you will need to settle the first one or more statements by other payment methods.

Please allow two bank working days for Tradelink to update your payment record for payment methods other than Autopay and FPS. To ensure uninterrupted use of Tradelink's service, please make payment immediately upon receiving your statement. Tradelink cannot accept responsibility for any late lodgment penalty or other consequence arising from transactions being rejected due to delays in the payment being cleared, and which therefore cannot be submitted to Government at the due time.

Once the Autopay arrangement is ready, you will see the following entry on your next statement: AUTOPAY BANK ACCOUNT: [your account no.] HK$ [amount] ON [date]. This indicates that the amount shown will be debited automatically and you no longer need to settle by other payment methods.

When you become a Tradelink customer, our electronic billing system assigns you an Account Limit (70% of your deposit amount) and a Service Limit (Full deposit amount). Thus, if your deposit is HK$2,400, your Account Limit will be HK$1,680 and your Service Limit will be HK$2,400. Should you reach your Account Limit before the end of your normal billing cycle, a statement will be automatically generated and sent to you, then the amount collected by Direct Debit two working days later. In the meantime you will be able to continue sending transactions.

However, if you should reach your Service Limit before payment has been received, you will not be able to continue using Tradelink's service until the account has been settled, and any further transactions will be rejected with the error message 'Exceed Service Limit' or 'Service Limit Check Failed'. To enable the Account Limit to be reset, you can settle the outstanding payment by direct deposit of the amount into Tradelink's bank account, following the same procedure as for 'Payments prior to completion of the autopay arrangement' above.

It is important that when any changes take place to your company information that Tradelink be advised as soon as possible, otherwise it could result to unnecessary delays or even rejection of your transactions.

It is particularly important that you advise us of any change to your company's Registration Authoriser, as his/her approval is needed when, for example, when you need to add or delete message signatories. If we have no record that the Authoriser has changed, the request cannot be handled until Tradelink is able to verify the authenticity of the new Authoriser.