Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited ("Tradelink") was incorporated in 1988 by 11 renowned corporations with a common vision of promoting the widespread use of e-Commerce for trade facilitation in Hong Kong. Its founding shareholdersincluded two major banks, two container terminal operators, an air cargo terminal operator and a couple of important trade associations. The Hong Kong Government, via the Financial Secretary Incorporated, became its largest singleshareholder in 1992 before the company was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock code 0536) on 28 October 2005. As of today, TAL Apparel Limited is Tradelink’s largest single shareholder.

As a leading provider of e-commerce services for Hong Kong business community, Tradelink has been providing Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) for the trading community since 1997, initially under a 7-year exclusivefranchise (1997-2003) and thereafter under licenses with the current one expiring by the end of 2024, extendable up to 3 years at the Government's discretion. Over the years, Tradelink has earned the trust and support of the tradingcommunity; enabling it to stand firmly as the dominant player in the Business-to-Government e-commerce market. At the same time, Tradelink has diversified its GETS business to other business areas. In addition to GETS, Tradelink alsooffers a wide range of solutions, including intelligent supply chain solutions, digital certification services / identity management solutions and payment solutions that support commercial and financial activities.