Welcome to Tradelink Membership Rewards Program. The program is designed to offer our privileged customers the opportunity to redeem exciting gifts with bonus points earned from their electronic transactions. Read below to learn more about the program.
All Tradelink electronic services customers are automatically members of the Tradelink Membership Rewards Program. Only Nominated Representative of your company can make redemption request using your company's bonus points. If you have not yet nominated your company's representative, please complete the online Nomination Form. You will then receive a confirmation email to guide you to activate your membership account.
Bonus Points

Customers can earn 1 bonus point for every dollar spent on Tradelink electronic services. Please check your Bonus Point balance before redemption. Bonus points are valid 2 years. For more bonus point details, please refer to Terms & Conditions of Tradelink Membership Rewards Program.

Gift Catalog
To redeem gifts, you can browse through our Gift Catalog to select a gift item of your choice and follow the online instruction to complete the redemption request.
Charity Donation
Tradelink encourages customers to use bonus points to make donations to charitable organization(s). The minimum you need is 150 bonus points only and every 150 bonus points will be converted to HK$0.5 as donation. To acknowledge your generosity, your company name will be listed in our donor acknowledgements.
Redemption Procedure
All redeemed coupons will be delivered by ordinary mail to your registered address after 5 working days upon our receipt of your redemption request.
Important Information
Please login the Tradelink Membership Rewards Program with the login ID and password of your nominated representative for redemption. If you receive no response after the redemption submission, please call our Customer Service Hotline or send us email to check the status. Please DO NOT click the "Click to Redeem" button again.
Customer Service Hotline: 2917 8888
E-mail: custserv@tradelink.com.hk