Terms and Conditions of the
Tradelink Membership Rewards Program
The terms and conditions appearing hereinafter shall be applicable to the members of Tradelink's Membership Rewards Program ("Members"). Subscribers of any services offered by Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited ("Tradelink") shall automatically become Members.
Tradelink offers a Membership Reward Program (the "Program") under which Members shall earn 1 bonus point (the "Bonus Point") for every HK$1.00 they spent on Tradelink's services subject to Tradelinks sole discretion to specify particular Tradelink service(s) and /or payment, on which Bonus Points can be earned for Members spending. For the avoidance of doubt, any rebates to Members, Government charges and other disbursement (i.e. Members payments to third parties through Tradelink) shall be excluded for the purpose of calculating the Bonus Point.
The Bonus Points shall only be earned by Members upon actual receipt by Tradelink of the relevant service charges and / or payment.
Each earned Bonus Point will remain valid up to 2 years from its accrual and if unused, will automatically lapse upon expiry. Under no circumstances will accumulated Bonus Points be converted into cash and refunded to Members. In case a Member ceases to be a subscriber of Tradelink service(s), such Member's accumulated Bonus Points shall automatically lapse 14 days from the effective date of de-registration regardless of the remaining validity period.
Members are entitled to redeem gifts from the gift catalogue with the specified amounts of Bonus Points required for redemption. The gifts available for redemption shall be based on the updated version of the gift catalogue. The gift catalogue will be updated and distributed at such time and in such way as Tradelink determines from time to time.
According to the requirements of Tradelink, Members shall appoint their representatives for the purpose of making requests for redemption on behalf of Members (the "Representatives"). Members undertake to notify Tradelink through our online system in advance in case they intend to change or withdraw their Representatives.
When Tradelink receives and accepts a redemption request from a Member, it will issue to the Member a gift redemption letter or a redemption form specified for this purpose. Such redemption documents will remain valid for 2 months from the date of issuance unless otherwise specified.
Once accepted by Tradelink, the requests for redemption made by Members will become irrevocable and cannot be canceled or changed. Members accept that in the case of a change or withdrawal of a Representative, their redemption requests shall remain valid until Tradelink receives their notices given pursuant to clause 6 above.
The gifts set out in the gift catalogue are subject to availability and are redeemable on a first-come-first-serve basis. In the event of a selected gift being out of stock, Members may cancel the original redemption request or redeem an alternative gift without compensation from Tradelink.
Tradelink reserves the right to reject any request for redemption made by Members. Tradelink may enforce the right at any time when it deems fit including but not limited to the situation when Member has overdue payment with Tradelink.
The gifts may include, among other things, products, services and cash coupons. No free trial of the gifts shall be offered.
Cash coupons redeemed by Members will be sent by post to their last known addresses registered with the Program. Members agree and accept that Tradelink shall in no event be held liable for the loss of or damage to the coupons that would occur in the course of delivery of such coupons. In the event that the cash coupons are lost or damaged for whatever cause, Tradelink will not reissue, certify or cash the coupons, nor make compensation therefor.
Members agree that once they collect the selected gifts, they shall be bound by such terms and conditions as may be applicable to the selected gifts respectively.
Members hereby accept that the gifts available for redemption are provided by their suppliers (the "Suppliers") and subject to such collection procedure and such conditions of use as the Suppliers may, from time to time, specify for such gifts (specifically in relation to cash coupons) without notice. Members acknowledge that Tradelink is not the Supplier or manufacturer or distributor or retailer of any gifts, and concede that Tradelink will not accept any liability whatsoever in relation to such gifts in contract, tort or otherwise. In case there is any dispute over or a Members complaint about a gift after its collection, including but not limited to the availability, quality, price and warranty, the Member shall directly settle the same with the Supplier, manufacturer, retailer or distributor as the case may be.
Without Tradelinks prior written consent, no Member shall be entitled to assign or transfer its membership of the Program or any of its rights or privileges hereunder to any party for any purposes, including but not limited to the redemption of gifts. In particular, no Members will be allowed to combine their respective Bonus Points to redeem the gifts under the Program.
In case a Member has multiple billing accounts with Tradelink, such accounts on which the Bonus Points earned shall not be combined or calculated together for the purpose of redemption of gift without the prior written consent of Tradelink.
Members may reserve all or any of their accumulated Bonus Points to exchange for entry to the Grand Lucky Draw which may be held at such time and on such terms as Tradelink may decide.
A failure or delay to enforce a particular term or condition hereof does not constitute a waiver of that term or condition by Tradelink.
Tradelink shall be at liberty to update Members on the Program in such way and at such time as Tradelink considers appropriate, including, without limitation, by means of announcements at the web-site, email, mail, advertisements or otherwise.
In the event of any dispute over the Program, Members accept that Tradelinks decision shall be final and conclusive.
Tradelink reserves the right to cancel the membership of any subscriber in the Program as it deems fit, or revise the eligibility criteria for participation in the Program without prior notice. If Tradelink chooses, it will have the liberty to refuse to give reasons for such cancellation or revision.
Tradelink reserves the right to amend and / or cancel the Program and / or any terms and conditions hereof without prior notice.
In case of any inconsistencies between the English version and the Chinese version of the above terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.