(with a minimum of 150 bonus points only)
You can make donation in just a few clicks and your donation will go straight to your designated charity organizations. Every a little makes a mickle, the program accepts small donations from as low as 150 bonus points! Get involved through simple actions to help make a difference in your community.
(Official website: www.4limb.org)
Direction Association for the Handicapped is a group of people with a severe physical impairment who share the spirit of "Mutual-help and Self-help". We support the integration of members back to the community so that they can live in the community with happiness and confidence.
(Official website: www.oxfam.org.hk)
Oxfam is a worldwide development organisation that mobilises the power of people against poverty.
You can enquire your donation record and / or print Redemption Acknowledgement letter through this website. For donation of HK$100 or above, official receipts will be issued upon request. Please send email or fax to the charity organization together with Tradelink's Redemption Acknowledgement letter.

Direction Association for the Handicapped
email address: info@4limbse.org
tel no.: 852-2330-6308

Oxfam Hong Kong
email address: info@oxfam.org.hk
fax no.: 852-2527-6213
Donor Acknowledgements