Guide to Gifts Redemption

A the home page, click the "Tradelink Membership Rewards Program" banner to enter the Tradelink Membership Rewards Program website. Go to "Gift Catalog" and view the available gifts.
Click the gift category to view the available gifts. Tick the boxes in the "Select" column to choose your redemption item(s). You may make more than one choice at a time depending on the amount of bonus points you have. Then click "Redeem".
A "Gift Redemption Form" will appear and list your redemption choice(s). Enter the quantity you want for each selection and click "Calculate Points". Total points used in your redemption will then be shown on the screen.
Enter Login ID, Password and e-mail address of your nominated representative. Click "Click to Redeem".
  5. If you are redeeming coupon items, all the redeemed coupon(s) will be mailed to your registered address after 5 working days upon our receipt of your redemption request. Please make sure your registered address is correct. Tradelink will not be responsible for any coupon lost, damaged or stolen during postage.
If you are redeeming non-coupon items, please print and present the "Gift Collection Letter" (the "Letter") at the service centre to collect the gift(s) starting from 5 working days until 2 months after the redemption request has been filed with us. Please bring along with you the Letter affixed with your company stamp when collecting the gift(s). If you fail to collect the gift(s) starting from 5 working days until 2 months from the date of the Letter, your redemption will no longer be valid and the bonus point credit will not be refunded to your account.